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America Beseiged

America Besieged cover
0-87286-338-7 (paper)
City Lights Books, 1998


AMERICA BESEIGED deals with the underlying forces within U.S. society that deeply affect our lives. Showing how we are being misled and harmed by those who profess to have our interests at heart, Michael Parenti writes: “We are indeed a nation besieged, not from without but from within, not subverted from below but from above. The moneyed power exercises a near monopoly influence over our political life, over the economy, the state, and the media. Some Americans are astonished to hear of it. Others have had their suspicions, although they may not be quite sure how it all adds up. This book invites the reader to stop blaming the powerless and poor and, in that good old American phrase, start ‘following the money.’ That is the first and most important step toward lifting the siege and bringing democracy back to life.”



  1. Strange Politics
    America Besieged
    The Evasion of Politics
    The President as Corporate Salesman
    Our Leaders Don’t Know Best
    Republicrats and Demopublicans
    The Politics of Sin
    Before We Give Away the Post Office
  2. An Unjust Economy
    The Distribution of Wealth
    Keeping the Rich Invisible
    A Free Market for Whom?
    The Myth of Neutrality: Technology and Money
    Murder on the Job
    A GATT to Our Heads
    Ecology for the Money
  3. A Dangerous State
    The National Insecurity State
    Repressing the Left
    Political Murder, USA

    Saying “No” to Legalized Drugs

    Is Conspiracy Only a Theory?
  4. Managed Media
    Methods of Media Manipulation
    Pack Punditry
    Is It Sports or Is It War?

    “Inferior” People

    Pictures in Our Heads
  5. Conclusion
What Is to Be Done (for Starters)?
We Must Fight City Hall

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