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Dirty Truths

Dirty Truths cover
0-87286-318-2 (cloth)
0-87286-317-4 (paper)
City Lights Books, 1996
Dirty Truths is an eye-opening and entertaining collection of essays that investigate media and culture, consipiracy and state power, ideology and political consciousness. Parenti ranges over crucial issues of the day: free speech, the rise of neofascism, the coming ecological apocalypse, the relationship between wealth and poverty, the “terrorism” hype, the continuing mystifications about the Kennedy assassination, and the deceptions and injustices of U.S. corporate global domination.

Moving from the political to the personal, Parenti shows the links between seemingly disparate social and political forces. Dirty Truths also contains three poems and moving accounts of his own ethnic family life and the political intolerance he encountered in academia.

This book is a rich buffet, an enlightening and provocative feast for the mind and heart.


  1. Politics and Issues

    Hidden Holocaust, USA
    Creating the Poor
    Fascism in a Pinstriped Suit
    Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy
    The Terrorism Hype
    Free Speech--At a Price
    Term Limits: Trick or Treat?

    Media and Culture

    The “Liberal Media” Myth
    Fabricating a “Cultural Democracy”
    Giving Labor the Business
    The Invisible Bloodbaths
    Yeltsin’s Coup and the Media’s Alchemy
    Now for the Weather
    Some Call it Censorship

    Conspiracy: Phobia and Reality
    The JFK Assasination I: Defending the Gangster State
    The JFK Assasination II: Conspiracy Phobia on the Left
    The Wonderful Life and Strange Death of Walther Reuther (co-author Peggy Noton)
    Political Theory and Consciousness
    False Consciousness
    Dividends Are Not Royalties
    Political Science Fiction
  2. Miscellany and Memorabilia
    Struggles in Academe: A Personal Account
    La Famiglia: An Ethno-Class Experience
    The Blessings of Private Enterprise
    Speak Truth to Power, My Love [poem]
    Young People are Different [poem]
    To My Son As I Contemplate My Death [poem]

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