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Land of Idols

Political Mythology In America

Land Of Idols cover
0-31209-841-3 (cloth)
0-31209-497-3 (paper)
St. Martin's Press, 1993


No one challenges the political establishment with as much vigor and skill as Michael Parenti. In Land of Idols, Parenti examines the notion that American society has no dominant ideology. Arguing that this presumption is itself ideological, Parenti confronts the prevailing myths in American society that limit our perception of political reality and constrain progressive reform.

Honest, insightful, and intelligent, Land Of Idols urges Americans to look beyond political mythology and work toward a truly democratic society.

Some of the topics that Michael Parenti examines are:

  • New Age beliefs that reduce social problems to matters of subjective personal experience
  • The definition of patriotism as the unquestioning support of the status quo at home and military intervention abroad
  • The religious posturing of politicians in an effort to provide a veneer of moral legitimacy to justify their own self-serving political agendas
  • The use of racism, sexism, and class inequality to solidify elite rule
  • The notion that Marxism is obsolete — and that capitalism fosters democracy
  • The belief that in a market economy, artistic, journalistic and academic expression is free from powerful corporate and government influence.


    1. Myths of Political Quietism
    2. The New Age Mythology
    3. Superpatriotism: The Importance of Being “Number One”
    4. The Politics of Religiosity
    5. The Stampede from Class
    6. System without Spirit: The Relevance of Marxism
    7. Monopoly Culture
    8. Class Myth and Class Bigotry
    9. Racism and the Ideology of Slavery
    10. Race and the Hidden Dimension of Class
    11. The Victimization of Women
    12. Conspiracy and Intent

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